How Our Clothes Are Made

We want you to feel confident about purchasing our clothes and using our products - not just as a way to support animals and the environment, but also because they're environmentally consciously made.

It's important to us that we remain transparent about our manufacturing process so here's everything you need to know about our clothes and products. 

Environmentally Friendly

We want to do our part to protect the planet by minimizing the impact from our manufacturing processes by using an eco-friendly manufacturer. Our manufacturer works to implement three important factors:

Water Reduction

The shirts itself are manufactured in L.A. using an eco-friendly process that reduces water usage by 7x compared to the average clothing manufacturer. By using a water filtration system, this allows water to be recycled and reused and reducing their water usage by over 24 million gallons a week.  

Energy Reduction

Our manufacturer promotes itself on being a green company by taking every opportunity to reduce CO2 emissions by using solar energy to power equipment, motion-sensor lighting to reduce energy usage, skylights to for lighting, and electric car stations to further promote and encourage employees to go green.

Zero Waste Policy

With a zero waste policy, manufacturing facilities produce almost little to no waste. Everything is manufactured on site in L.A. and recycled for use into other products, even including plastic.